What did I say?

On sustainability labeling:
“The end game is NOP, after FOP and BOP.”

“Your brand should be trusted, in every aspect. Your product then would not need anything on pack (Not On Pack). But there are stages. You can probably go from Front of Pack (FOP), to Back of Pack (BOP) to Not on Pack (NOP).”

“In Dutch NOP is ‘noppes’.”

On demand driven sustainability:
“I got this call: “We are now ready to export, but we found out that we forgot something. We do not have customers…” That’s where I come in.”

“So they say: “You are going to tell me what to grow, then I will grow and then you will buy.” No, I say, you are listening to what the market wants, then you decide as a business man and if you decide to enter this business, we will take a look and find out if it’s logical to buy from you.”

“A, B, C. You need either an Attractive new product, a Better quality product or a Cheaper product.”

On development policies:
“The discussion is about subsidizes poverty against subsidized greediness.”

“Do you want water or a tap?”

On sourcing:
“We buy with the eye. And the eye deceives you. This mango can be stone hard, but look really nice. In Africa they are a lot smarter. This mango could look awful, but have the greatest taste in the world. That’s marketing!”

“The Sahara agreement: everything sourced from Africa should be sources sustainably.”

“We go from preferred supplier to preferred buyer. That’s the buyer’s nightmare.”


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