Roland Waardenburg?

Who is Roland Waardenburg?

Making sustainability work, that’s my business: creating new combinations of people, planet and prosperity. After spending five years in Africa developing sustainable sourcing for Dutch supermarket conglomerate Ahold ( and having had the opportunity to lead its global sustainability efforts from 2007 till 2010, I am now a passionate triple-P change agent sparking and effecting action and engagement in sustainability. With me you get a sound track record in the food industry, with experience in marketing, sales, sourcing and sustainability. So I know how to make it work!

I am your man to create action and engagement in sustainability. At Ahold my team accomplished that we were known as an engaged company, implementing lean and mean sustainability, integrated in the business. And know I can make it work for you. With my Hour of Sustainability I can support companies and organizations that want to get ahead in sustainability, but are maybe not exactly sure how or do not want to set up a special department.

Or maybe you just want to have some outside expertise throwing some light at your current policies. Based on my broad experience I can do that for you. I also know the nitty gritty of sustainability. I created the sustainability strategy for Ahold, developed hard targets, implemented  sustainability reporting from scratch for Ahold, developed quarterly monitoring, you name it.

And maybe you ask yourself how to work with the government or with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). That’s where I can help. That’s what I did. Or maybe the other way around, you ask yourself how to work with business. I am familiar with those interconnecting worlds and I can make those connections. I can bring trusts in those connections.

And if you want to know, see below for my past experience. Or just give me a call and we will talk!


Ahold   •  2007-2010  •  Vice President Corporate Responsibility Ahold
Directing global Ahold CR policy with a team of 10 people. Cooperating with international stakeholders and operating companies. Targeting to combine profit, planet and people in the business. Including responsibility for Product Safety and Consumer Affairs. Introduced and implemented the four pillar strategy around Healthy Living, Sustainable Trade, Climate Action and Community Engagement. Started the reporting process with first externally audited report in 2009.
Leading to a fully committed strategy at Executive Board level and global quantitative targets for healthy products, the supply chain and carbon reduction for the first time ever.

Ahold   •  2001-2007   •  Program Director Ahold
Leading and coordinating the Ahold Sustainable Trade Development program in Africa (Ghana and South Africa) while living there with my family in Accra and Johannesburg. Cooperating with local and international government bodies, NGOs and the private sector. Targeted at establishing sustainable business relationships with suppliers in the developing world.
Evolved into the innovative Albert Heijn Foundation, now the basis of our sourcing in Africa. Created significant cost reductions through analysis of the supply chain for nuts. Co-created new product lines with extra sales for fruit salads, mango’s and avocado’s in Ghana, Mali and South Africa.

Deli XL • 1998-2001 • Director Marketing & Communications
Responsibility for all marketing operations including communications of the Benelux food service division of Ahold (ƒ 1.6 billion). Leading a department of 13 employees. Development of new concepts and strategy to service our customers as an added value innovator: product concepts (private label, fresh products), logistic concepts (department delivery), information concepts (order systems via Internet), A&P (publishing two leading magazines and organizing the professional trade show in food service).
In 2000 lead the integration of two companies into one new brand: Deli XL. In 2001 expansion of the brand internationally.

Campina Melkunie • 1995-1998 • Commercial Manager
Commercial responsibility for the Campina out-of-home division. Leading sales, marketing and purchasing depart ments of this wholesale organization. Started and implemented of reorganization of the commercial policy and sales department.
Turned the company around into a full service operation including fresh products. Lead the company to profit after years of loss making through account profitability analysis. In 1998 coordinated the sale of the division to Ahold.

PepsiCo Smiths Food Group • 1993-1995 • International Sales Manager
Marketing and sales responsibility for branded and private label PepsiCo and General Mills snack products in UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe, Lebanon, Antilles.
Target turnover € 25 million. First year growth 25%.

PepsiCo Smiths Food Group • 1992-1995 • Trade Marketing Manager
Responsible for account targeted marketing policy. Managing departments for in-store marketing, account services, trade efficiency and customer services.
Positioned space management through sales analysis leading to significant shelf improvement at the major supermarket chains.

Sara Lee • 1990-1992 • National Account Manager
(International) account management house hold care products Albert Heijn and AMS (international retail buying group). Leading product management private label Albert Heijn.
Directed relaunch Albert Heijn private label range for detergents and cleaners. All time high turnover and profit. Initiated and implemented the removal of phosphates in the private label range of Albert Heijn.

Prodent and Odorex • 1988-1990 • Senior Product Manager
Marketing management product groups Prodent and Odorex (leading toothpaste and deodorant brands). Advertising & promotion budget € 2.5 mil. Relaunches Prodent and Odorex. Development Benelux packa ging Prodent.
Profit Prodent increased 45% in two years at stable market leaders hip. Odorex regained market leadership after re launch. Turnover increase 35% in one year.

Philips International Consumer Electronics • 1986-1988 • Area Manager
Marketing management color TVs Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Coordination marketing policy between product divisi on and country managers.
Development international advertising cam paign, product and pricing policy leading to significant efficiency in terms of cost pricing.



University of Amsterdam
Faculty of Psychology
Organization psychology and international management techniques.

Erasmus University
Interfaculty Business Administration
Marketing and international management.

The University of Michigan
Graduate School of Business Administration
Exchange Program
International marketing and sales management.
Ann Arbor, U.S.A.

Current non-executive involvement

Macha Works (Advisory Board)

Albert Heijn Foundation (Board)

Consumer Goods Forum (Steering Committee Sustainability)

Initiative for Sustainable Trade (Board)

Danisco (Stakeholder Board)

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